Top 5 Free Dashboard Design Resources (Sketch UI Kits)

Discover the top five dashboard design resources a.k.a. Sketch UI kits.

We curated top 5 free dashboard design kits from around the inter-web and we thought we should share it with you what we have found, some are good to start with and some are so-so. Without further ado…

#1: Velocity Dashboard UI kit by Invision

This is to-the point dashboard UI kit, even though it has 300 UI elements, 70 components and 30 screens. However we don’t like the data-to-ink ratio. What we love about this kit is a clean-layout very much suitable for enterprise dashboard, sections are properly separated, information hierarchy is maintained across the screen. You can download it from here

#2: Smart Home UI kit by Invision

Even though this kit is meant for the user interface for “Smart Home” related products activity dashboards, but we found some interesting elements for example the Line Bar Chart seems very nice, and clean. Then there is a Circular Progress Bar. It has 100+ UI elements and 24 screens. You can download it from here.

#3: Cryptocurrency Dashboard

We like the idea of this dashboard design from the perspective of analytical/tactical design perspective. It is a lightweight dashboard in terms of elements. However, it is neatly organized in Sketch Symbols. Some of the dashboard UI elements you can find in this resource are Cards, Breadcrumbs, Data Table, Line Chart, List, Side Menu and News Feed. You can download it from here.

#4: Dashboard UI Kit

This is bit more than the dashboard UI kit, it contains the form elements as well. Best suited for Strategy Dashboard. It is a very comprehensive kit, contains Forms, Charts, Modals etc. However what we really don’t like about this is the usage of extra white-space inside the table component, in our opinion not suitable for operational dashboard type. You can download it from here.

#5: Productivity Dashboards

This is dashboard I am going to call it a pure operational dashboard, you have seen the example of that type of dashboard in like services. The focus of this dashboard is on the day-to-day tasks to be done. You can download it from here.

These are some of our top 5 choices, however, UI kits alone don’t solve the problem. If your dashboard don’t have a proper design thinking, then the mere UI kits won’t raise your dashboard user experience. And if you are wondering how many type of dashboards are out there then don’t forget to read this.

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