Increased Usability, Smoother User Experience,
Reduced Sales Team Expenses

We reduced friction during the sales and sign-up process and redesigned
StorTrack’s dashboards to make them insightful and clean.

Reducing friction during sign-up, designing dashboards that deliver quick and actionable insights, and improving the user experience, reducing payroll expenses with a design service that pays for itself.

This was all accomplished in a short timeframe, with a limited budget.

About StorTrack

StorTrack’s mission is to help businesses and people make intelligent decisions regarding “the three p’s” price, positioning, and perception. They accomplish this by collecting and aggregating big data and applying machine learning to extract actionable insights for use in online products and services. StorTrack was created by Aggregate Intelligence, Inc, a world leader in data intelligence solutions. They are headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Europe and Asia.

Why StorTrack Chose Garaj Studio

StorTrack lacked a team member with design experience in saas products and services. They needed a company that could focus on the user experience, meet tight deadlines, be flexible, and work well with their developers in-house.

StorTrack Project Goals

  • Improve the user experience
  • Simplify and enhance the user interface
  • Ensure key metrics and insights were easily and immediately available for users

Our Approach to StorTrack's Redesign

To get the full picture and provide the best results, we first mapped out the user journey and compared it to StorTrack’s project goals.

The Sign-Up Process

The Sign-Up Process Before

The Sign-Up Process After

To simplify the sign-up process we ensure that users are made aware of StorTrack’s membership packages. This greatly reduced the number of calls the sales team received allowing them to focus on getting more sales. This also continues to save money for StorTrack on payroll expenses more than covering their design investment.

The StorTrack Dashboards

The Market Dashboard Before

The Market Dashboard After

The Data Card Before

The Data Card After

We observed real user data and did research to find out what aspects of the dashboard people interacted with most and what areas provided the most value. We discovered that users first examined the data cards before jumping into more detailed reports.

Following the law of proximity, we implemented new information hierarchy and redesigned the data cards to make them pop.

The Unit Type Data Dashboard Before

The Unit Type Data Dashboard After

The original design included three dashboards and a vast amount of data which made the redesign very tricky. We had to bring the users attention to the most important data which is price variability and unit type variability.

We were able to consolidate all three dashboards into a single screen with beautiful charts and graphs that are easy to read. Users are now able to find the most important and relevant data they need to make better decisions quicker.

Evaluate the impact of issues on end users

Once we had gathered a list of clear application feedback, we consolidated everything together into a clear action plan and assigned priorities to each item. This helped us decide where to focus design effort and which new features we needed to implement.

Using qualitative and quantitative data to make design decisions along with following timeless design principles allows us to achieve great results for our clients and their SaaS products.


The results of Garaj Studio’s redesign of StorTrack has been a great impact. As with most projects, design is an ongoing process and we continue to work with StorTrack to develop their SaaS.

“We were in the process of redesigning our existing products and the UX work done by Garaj Studio is beyond our expectation.”

John Tilly, CEO at Aggregate Intelligence

Mudassir Azeemi, the Founder of Garaj Studio

Hi, I’m Mudassir Azeemi. I help SaaS companies  design better
experience for their products.

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We reduced friction during the sales and sign-up process and redesigned StorTrack’s dashboards

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